Why LifeTech Academy?

  • Sydney, LifeTech Learner

    Sydney P. shares how the flexibility of her schedule allows her to follow her passion.

  • Matt Montney, STEM Learning Facilitator

    Matt Montney discusses the importance of STEM education and the role it has at LifeTech Academy.

  • Emily Sicilia, Literacy Learning Facilitator

    Emily shares how the nature of LifeTech Academy allows for deeper relationships between the staff and the Learners.

  • Xavier, LifeTech Learner

    Xavier B. shares what he thinks about being able to learn whenever, wherever.

  • The Spear Family

    The Spear Family shares how their daughter has gained confidence through attending LifeTech.

  • The Holmes Family

    The Holmes Family shares their experience of LifeTech investing in their kids.